2023 IED Moonstone Mitsubishi Concept

2023 IED Moonstone Mitsubishi Concept

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IED presents the new concept car created by the students of the Master Course in Transportation Design in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, an electric crossover designed for tomorrow scenarios, with great attention and respect for the environment 

Turin, 28 March 2023 - Imagine a not-too-distant future where roads and uncharted territories are crossed by an electric crossover with astonishing performance. Its aerodynamic line and silence make it part of a landscape that appears as if it is suspended in time. This car is equipped with cutting-edge technology that turns it into a reliable companion for daring explorations, while at the same time being environmentally friendly. 

These are the images that the Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors presented to the 17 students of the Master Course in Transportation Design for the 2021/2022 a.y at IED Torino, introducing the brief of their thesis project: designing the Mitsubishi Crossover of the future. A zero-emission concept vehicle that is strongly oriented towards performance and ready to meet demands of excellence in terms of design and 4x4 performance, to traverse difficult terrains both on and off the road, while at the same time being efficient and minimising its impact on the planet.

The students took up the challenge by developing individual proposals, taking into account the wishes of the Japanese brand. Of the 17 projects submitted, Mitsubishi Motors selected a shortlist of three proposals, from which one was chosen as the basis for the development of the prototype. 
The young designers then worked as a team, just like in a real style centre, to design and develop the Mitsubishi Moonstone, a full-electric crossover that represents a blend of performance and fun, with a high focus on the environment and safety.

Mitsubishi Moonstone evokes the curiosity and boldness needed to meet the challenges of the future. A future that also involves the use of advanced three-dimensional virtual design technology, which the students employed to digitally develop the interiors of the concept car. The renderings imagined an automated control of the vehicle using drive-to-wire technology. The deconstruction of the dashboard creates a unique and surprising interior with an interesting interplay of full and empty spaces. 

"Moonstone is the result of excellent teamwork, showcasing the Master Course students’ ability to work cross-functionally and share skills and values to develop the most important project of their studies", observed Paola Zini, Director of IED Torino. "This challenge, which was also made possible thanks to the partnership with an international company like Mitsubishi Motors, allowed the students to achieve their vision not only from an automotive point of view, but also to contextualise it in terms of mobility and current needs, looking to the future with a broad and open perspective, goals that have always been at the heart of IED education”.

Mitsubishi Moonstone (Length: 4660 mm, Width: 2000 mm, Height: 1680 mm, Wheelbase: 2700 mm) is a full electric Concept Crossover SUV with a sporty look that bridges the gap between Italian design and Japanese car production. 

The surface treatment streamlines the object and features a colour blocking that enhances the design's distinctive features. A sculptural work of pure dynamics that doesn’t conceal its technical aspects, but rather enhances them, starting with the lidar (obstacle radar detectors) on the bonnet and the visible fog lights that give the vehicle a strong identity. 
The combination continues with the completely closed painted grille to communicate the electric four-wheel drive and a door shape that revisits the canons of sportiness, here deployed ergonomically to ensure plenty of room for the four occupants. 
Tyres, rims and paint were developed in cooperation with Pirelli, OZ Racing and Lechler.

Presented on Tuesday, March 28th in a live streaming broadcast from OGR-Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Torino, Moonstone will be exhibited to the public at MAUTO - Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino from Wednesday, March 29th to Saturday, September 30th, 2023.