Pagani Huayra R Evo: Unleashing Track Performance for Arte in Pista [w/Video]

Pagani Huayra R Evo: Unleashing Track Performance for Arte in Pista [w/Video]

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On February 8th, 2024, Pagani Automobili unveiled its latest masterpiece, the Huayra R Evo, an open-top track hypercar designed to push the limits of performance and enrich the experiences of clients in the exclusive Arte in Pista program. This extreme vehicle is a testament to Pagani's commitment to delivering unparalleled driving thrills and aesthetic excellence.

The Arte in Pista program, launched in 2021, marked a new era for Pagani owners, providing an exclusive calendar of personalized events for Huayra R, Zonda R, and Zonda Revolución owners. These events, held at prestigious FIA circuits around the world, offer a unique blend of high-octane track sessions, leisurely moments, and technical assistance from the Pagani team. Professional drivers contribute to improving participants' skills, creating a true sense of community among passionate hypercar enthusiasts.

Horacio Pagani, Founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili, expressed his excitement about expanding the Arte in Pista program, stating, "It is our pleasure to share the Huayra R Evo with you, pushing the boundaries of performance and emotion even further."

The inspiration for the Huayra R Evo's design struck during a Formula Indy race in Nashville, where the idea of an open-top hypercar with protective polycarbonate surfaces emerged. Drawing inspiration from IndyCar and Le Mans racing cars, the 'codalunga' (long-tail) design was born, emphasizing aerodynamics and performance.

At the heart of the Huayra R Evo lies the Pagani V12-R Evo engine, a product of the strategic collaboration between Pagani and HWA AG. With 900 hp (662 kW) at 8,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 770 Nm, this powerhouse propels the hypercar to thrilling speeds, matching the performance levels of current Le Mans Prototype 2 race cars.

The 'codalunga' design not only enhances the car's aesthetics but also contributes to a 45% increase in downforce and a 21% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency. The open roof surprisingly enhances aerodynamic efficiency, adding 5% to the total downforce. Every curve and surface of the hypercar has been meticulously designed to optimize aerodynamic load and stability.

Cockpit of Innovation and Safety

The cockpit of the Huayra R Evo is a blend of innovation and safety, incorporating advanced composite materials like Carbo-Titanium HP62-G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62. The six-point harnesses, fireproof seats, and Ener-Core EC 50 foam padding ensure optimal safety and driving comfort. The unique interior design, adaptable for both left-hand and right-hand driving positions, showcases Pagani's distinctive craftsmanship.

Advanced Suspension and Braking System

The Huayra R Evo inherits a sophisticated suspension system with a new heave damper for enhanced stability and precision. The braking system, a result of collaboration with Brembo, features brand-new CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs, providing top-tier braking power and durability.

The hypercar is equipped with wider P Zero™ Slick tires developed by Pirelli Motorsport and Pagani Automobili, offering superior control on the track. The tires, available in Dry and Wet versions, ensure exceptional traction, stable braking behavior, and precise handling under various conditions.

The Pagani Huayra R Evo stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of hypercar design and performance. With its roots in racing inspiration, cutting-edge technology, and an exclusive Arte in Pista program, this open-top track hypercar promises an unparalleled driving experience for the fortunate few who will have the chance to own and drive this automotive masterpiece.