Featured brand - Jimenez

Featured brand - Jimenez

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Conceived at the base of Mont Ventoux, the Novia  was an ambitious venture that sought to conquer the pinnacle of automotive performance. With a distinctive concept tailored for both road and track, this automobile aimed to seamlessly blend power, lightness, reliability, and usability to meet the discerning expectations of experienced athletes and GT enthusiasts.

The fundamental engine architecture of the Novia adopting a W-shaped design, featured a compact, lightweight block rigidly affixed to the self-supporting shell. Characterized by two counter-rotating crankshafts and a low unit displacement, the engine achieved unprecedented rotation speeds while eliminating disruptive vibrations.

Boasting an exceptional power output of 150 horsepower per liter, the Novia  engine showcased a groundbreaking range of use, with three-quarters of the torque accessible from 3000 rpm. Exemplary reliability was ensured through the incorporation of thermal components from standard production.

The vehicle, constructed with a clean and elegant carbon design and exceptional rigidity, featured substantial extractors designed to adhere to the road. Modeled after racing cars, the Novia  aimed to balance record-breaking performance with maneuverability, comfort, and smooth operation. Equipped with electronically managed traction control and a unique user-adjustable ride height, the interior offered a soundproofed, air-conditioned haven trimmed in Connoly leather with perfect ergonomics.

Collaboration with Michelin technicians underscored the extensive study invested in the Novia  concept. However, despite these efforts, the project faced challenges, and its ultimate success remained elusive. The Novia  stands as a testament to the complexities and uncertainties inherent in ambitious automotive endeavors, and its legacy lies not in the realm of accomplished dreams but as a chapter in the history of daring automotive innovation.