• France

The Jimenez Novia W16 is a French one-off sports car built in 1995 by Ramon Jimenez, a French motorcycle racer from Vaucluse. It reportedly cost £600,000 ($855,000) and took ten years to develop. It features an aerodynamic body with center locking wheels, scissor doors, and carbon fiber parts which Jimenez developed himself.

The Novia is powered by a mid-mounted 4.1L W16 engine that was made by combining four Yamaha FZR1000 1.0 liter 4 cylinder motorcycle engines. It has 4 rows of cylinders with 4 cylinders in each row and a total of 80 valves (5 valves per cylinder). It also uses two crankshafts, unlike the W16 found in the Bugatti Veyron.

Notably, the Novia was one of the first cars to be powered by a W16 engine, preceding the Veyron’s use of one by ten years.