Spada Codatronca TS - brochure (2008)

Spada Codatronca TS - brochure (2008)

Disclosed on April 24th during the Top Marques Monaco (The Luxury and Supercar Show) as a world premiere, collecting a big success from the international press and also from the crowd of people present at the event. Discovered during the Top Marques opening by the ex-car driver and F1® Champion Damon Hill it was elected most beautiful car of the exhibition also by the prestigious New York Time daily Magazine.

Codatronca it’s born by the pencil of Ercole and Paolo Spada, the guide lines that has characterized the project of these new car are: aerodynamics, lightness, and pleasure of driving. The same guide lines that portrayed most of the project of Ercole Spada, like the mythical tz1 and tz2, were characterize by the back shape called “codatronca”.

The Codatronca TS is proposed with different engine that can works, in the states were it’s present, with BioFuel E85. The engine has mecchanic and electronic components developed respecting the specification of the project needs, in this way we’ve obtained from the V8, in aluminium of more than 7lt with a dry sump, with a power of 630hp at 6500 rpm, with an incredible torque of 668Nm at 4800 rpm. The power is transmitted to the ground by the rear wheels thanks to a 6 gear close ratio transmission with a specific range also at the 6th gear to the limit of 7000 rpm that push the codatronca at 340Km/h with an acceleration from 0 to 100Km/h of only 3,4 sec. The designers gave more importance to the pleasure of driving instead of speed record, in the perfect style of the gentleman driver.

The aerodynamics shape of the car is represented by a low value of cx, measures are a length of 4659mm, a width of 1942mm and a height of 1235mm.

The weight is very low, just 1360Kg for a unique pleasure of drive. The Codatronca® shape of the back gave the possibility to the designer, to create a perfect 400 litre trunk, flawless for two people, and customizable with a suitcase set purposely made by Aznom srl.

The cockpit is bright and roomy and it’s provided of a technological air-conditioner system and a perfect acoustic, the back view is assured by a rear view camera. Inside we can find the watch designed by Meccanicheveloci with automatic recharge, a taste of the italian’s craftmenship.

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