• United States

Zimmer was an American automaker, based in Syracuse, New York. The original company was founded in 1978 as Zimmer Motorcars Corporation by Paul Zimmer.

In the years 1980-88, Zimmer produced 1400 Golden Spirit and 170 Quicksilver coupes. In November 1998 production of the Golden Spirit model was relaunched, followed in 2000 by restyled Coupe and Convertible versions based on the Ford Mustang with a Ford 4.6-liter 200-309 hp V8 engine. In 2000 a 4-Door Sedan was introduced, later joined in 2001 by a 4-Door Convertible and in 2002 by an extended 4-Door L. These versions are based on the Lincoln Town Car with a 4.6-liter 200 hp V8 engine.

Zimmer company was closed sometime in 2018/2019.