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Workhorse Group Incorporated, originally AMP Electric Vehicles, is an original equipment manufacturer and technology company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America. Workhorse makes electric delivery vans, drones, and telematics software designed for last-mile delivery. Their products include commercial electric vehicles, Horsefly delivery drones, and a Metron telematics software system.

In November 2016, Workhorse announced that they were working on an electrically powered pickup truck, called the W-15. It is scheduled to have 460 horsepower and a battery range of 80 miles. A gasoline range extender supplies further range. In March 2020, Workhorse confirmed that it had transferred the W-15 pickup truck project to Lordstown Motors through a licensing agreement. Lordstown Motors paid a licensing fee to Workhorse, and the truck will be produced in the future without the gasoline range extender. The W-15 became the basis of the Lordstown Endurance pickup truck.