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  • United Kingdom

Westfield has been producing Lotus Seven-like roadsters since 1982. Since 1986, the following versions have been offered: 1800 I, 1800 Q, Sport 1800, since 2000 – the Sport 2000 version, since 1991 – the SEiGHT version, and since January 2005 – the Sport 2000 S version. The Lotus Seven-like versions with motorcycle engines: Megabusa, Megablade and the Megabird. The range also included the Spartan Lotus Seven-like roadsters – the SE and SEi models offered only as kit cars, and since 2002 – the Westsport adapted to the systems of the Ford Sierra. The completely new, avant-garde XTR2 roadster with a 1.3-liter 180 hp Suzuki Hayabusa, made its debut in 2002, and the XTR4 with a 1.8-liter 195-250 hp Audi Turbo – in 2003. Westfield produced a replica of the 1956 Lotus XI already between 1982-1990. In November 2004, it resumed its production, employing the MG Midget systems and a 1.3-liter MG engine.