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Vision Industries, LLC was formed in 1997 and in 1998 completed a white foam and fiberglass non-operational vehicle code named K/2, which was initially constructed for design evaluation purposes.(The name K/2 connotes "peak" performance with respect to one of the world's highest mountains.) The "muscular" design theme of the VISION K/2 is intended to connote power and performance in an American "muscle car" designed for the 21st century. In 1998 the VISION K/2 was exhibited at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and the Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show. The VISION K/2 was the last automobile designed by Tom Kellogg, a respected American automotive designer.

In 2005 the first VISION SZR running prototype was constructed, (painted charcoal gray), which retained the design theme of the original K/2, but differed in the respect that every body panel was modified to incorporate a longer wheelbase, wider greenhouse, in addition to various other modifications. In it's early stages, a 6.0 liter V12 engine was mounted in the VISION SZR.

With further engineering development, the VISION SZR was decommissioned and revisions with respect to the chassis, suspension, and interior commenced. In addition, at this time, the V12 engine was replaced by a Chevrolet 502 Ramjet V8 engine which produces 500 horsepower and 500 ft/lbs. of torque. In 2007, after the incorporation of these improvements, the car was painted PPG Vibrance metallic pearl orange, (and remains this color today). The updated VISION SZR was first exhibited at the 2007 SEMA Show. The car has undergone several improvements over the years, with continued improvements to the body, chassis, suspension, and drive train.