• Italy

Established in Ancona, in December 2013 this small group of artisans had a very clear objective to offer classic style sports automobiles with best modern Italian mechanicals. Vincis Design prefered Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Ferrari and Maserati models for their projects. Gianluca Perdicca and Simone Belegni - two main figures of this carrozzeria decided to offer for a few people an opportunity to have a custom handmade automobiles which would have timeless elegance, matching performance and character.

The first planned model was named GT Aerodinamica. It was a tribute to the legendary racing car of the '60s - Alfa Romeo GTA Autodelta. Vincis Design took 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider as a technical donor for the project. The atelier used a modified Alfa's lightweight frame and put a totally new bodywork on top of it. Vincis GT Aerodinamica was much inspired by Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ - an iconic Ercole Spada's design. The so-called "codatronca" rear end is a distinctive feature of this homage to the Alfa Romeo GTA. Many parts of the streamlined bodywork were made of carbon fiber and aluminum. This allowed to achieve a goal of super lightweight. The car was only 950kg heavy.

Mounted in front under the bonnet was a modified Alfa Romeo 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine. Depending on configuration (Twin Spark / Twin Spark Alleggerito) it developed from 156 to 220 hp. The power was transmitted to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox with single-plate dry clutch. GT Aerodinamica got a rear rigid axle while in front it was independent suspension with stabilized bar. Hydraulic KONI shock absorbers were mounted all round and Brembo 4-piston brake system ensured an appropriate stoppage.

Vincis GT Aerodinamica was a driving-oriented automobile. It had no fancy extras in the standard equipment among which were dashboard leather, carbon fiber hardtop, Xenon lights and alloy wheels. In addition there were options to choose metallic or custom paint, more leather inside. ABS, airbags and air conditioning were optional, as well.

This neoclassic Italian Gran Turismo automobile was made only on request and customized to individual customer's requirements.