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Vanderhall Motor Works, headquartered in Provo, Utah, is an American manufacturer specializing in handcrafted three-wheeled autocycles tailored for various driving purposes including sports driving, touring, commuting, and urban transportation.

Established in 2010 by Steve Hall, formerly a CAD designer at Novatek, Vanderhall Motor Works underwent a five-year prototyping phase before introducing its designs to the public. Its inaugural model, the Laguna, a federally classified motorcycle, underwent rigorous testing and received NHTSA and EPA certification in 2016. The company's lineup expanded to include three autocycle models: the Laguna, Laguna Sport Premium, and Laguna Bespoke Motoring Experience, all equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged GM Family 0 engine mated to a GM 6-speed automatic transmission.

In 2023, Vanderhall Motor Works encountered a setback in its pursuit of the domain name, as the respondent, who registered the domain in 2000, shared the surname 'van der Hall.'

The company's flagship model, the Laguna, debuted in 2012, offering a two-seat configuration reminiscent of a three-wheeled sports car. The Venice, introduced in 2017 with ABS bodywork, expanded Vanderhall's offerings. The Edison 2, an electric variant of the Venice model, further diversified the product range. In 2018, the Venice Speedster was unveiled at the Sturgis Rally, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation. The Carmel, released in 2019, represents Vanderhall's latest offering. Additionally, the Brawley model, an electric off-roader with quad motors, underscores the company's versatility and dedication to advancing automotive technology.