• Netherlands

Vandenbrink Design is an exclusive automotive design company, established by Michiel van den Brink and led by Robert C.A. Koumans. A privately owned entity established in 2006 and situated in The Netherlands and embodies a unique blend of automotive and aerospace engineering, coupled with an artistic background.

Robert Koumans, an enterprising individual, seamlessly harmonizes cutting-edge technology with aesthetics, forming the cornerstone of their distinctive skill set. The primary focus of the company is on tailored, special coachbuilding for exceptionally exclusive sportscars — designs that are not just beautiful and graceful but also aligned with the brand's essence. Vandenbrink's creations, intuitive yet rooted in the philosophy of functionalism, encapsulate automotive heritage, DNA, and innovation, essential components of their haute couture designs.

Their areas of expertise encompass:

Automotive design and manufacturing (one-offs and limited series)
Contracted automotive design
Unique 3D visualization of model design and aerodynamics (scale 1:1 virtual reality studio)

In collaboration with carefully chosen strategic partners, they provide world-leading expertise across related disciplines. This includes Hietbrink Coachbuilding (NL) for body manufacturing and Edo Competition (D) for engineering and tuning.