• France

Ravage is a road-legal rally rocket that pays homage to the golden era of small French workshops and the iconic Alpine cars prepared for rallies. Crafted by a passionate trio with extensive automotive design and engineering experience, the Alpine Ravage 'Group 4' captures the spirit of the past while embracing modern manufacturing standards.

Drawing inspiration from the success of the A110 Group 4 in the 1973 World Rally Championship, the Ravage boasts an authentic '80s aesthetic with yellow lights, Cibie spots, and wide arches. However, this is not a makeshift fiberglass project; the team committed to manufacturer standards, employing a meticulous process that involved clay modeling, digital surface reworking, and three years of dedicated work.

To ensure purposeful investment, the team opted for a used Alpine A110 donor car with low mileage. The Ravage combines carbon and fiberglass-reinforced components strategically, maintaining the structural homologation elements for easy registration. Nearly a 100% 'Made in France' project, the sourcing process involved bespoke elements like custom aluminum wheels, exhaust assembled by a former HRC Honda chief mechanic, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

The Ravage, finished in Pozzi blue, is not just a showpiece; it has logged over 3,000 kilometers on the road, validating its precision and performance enhancements. The engine, lightly tuned for reliability, surpasses 300 horsepower, enhancing the driving experience without compromising ease of use.

With the first model already impressing its owner, the trio envisions producing more Ravage cars, driven by their passion for extraordinary vehicles. While initially a one-off, the team is open to expanding their brand, aiming to establish 'Ravagés' as an iconoclastic name dedicated to crafting cars purely for the pleasure of driving.