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Following its establishment in 1989, Panoz produced the original Roadster AIV from 1990–2002. In 1998 an entirely new Esperante debuted, entering series production in 1999 with Convertible and Coupe bodies (fitted with Ford V8 4.6-liter 305 hp engines). Panoz presented versions of the Esperante GT (with a Ford V8 4.6-liter 305 hp engine) and Esperante GTML (fitted with a Ford V8 4.6-liter 420 hp unit) in 2003 with aggressive front-end body styling. Tuned versions of the Esperante JRD Tuner and Esperante Brabham Edition are also available. Since 1998 the product range also features the Esperante GT-RA coupe and GTS with Ford V8 5.8-liter 350–385 hp plants, designated mainly as race cars.

In 2010 Panoz debuted Abruzzi model is Le Mans. It is not clear if it was produced in small series. A new Avezzano model debuted in 2016.

The company continues its operations even after the death of Don Panoz in 2018.