• Germany

Since 1886, at the company established in 1868, Adam Opel has manufactured bicycles. In January 1899, the Opel brothers took over the Lutzmann company, manufacturing cars since 1893, and that very same year showed the first Opel ever, called the Opel Patent-Motorwagen System Lutzmann, produced until 1902. In 1902, Opel bought a license from the French Darracq company, and launched the production of cars under the Opel Darracq make, which did not succeed. It was only the first Opel model – the 10/12 PS of 1902, that caught on. Established in spring 1925, the General Motors GmbH assembled Chevrolet trucks in the years 1926-1931 in Germany, and in the years 1927-31 – the passenger Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Oakland, Oldsmobile and Cadillac cars. In March 1929, General Motors bought 80% of Opel shares, and in 1931 the remaining 20%.