• France

NOAO,THE first electric track vehicle with range extender 

NOAO, which name is derived from the English expression "know-how", combines all the Made in Magny-Cours technological expertise shared by the PPNMC companies in designing from A to Z a high level collaborative project. 

First rechargeable electric competition vehicle, combined with a range extender, NOAO has been designed to respect the environment and produces zero pollutant emissions in all-electric mode. Its range can be increased by means of a low capacity range extender to cover 100 km under race conditions. 

Aside from its obvious exterior sports styling, NOAO also has some exceptional aerodynamic qualities which contribute to improving its performance. Its chassis, produced in aviation grade steel, has been well thought out and designed to adapt to the most extreme race conditions. NOAO is equipped with an ingenious system of energy recuperation when braking, which operates during the deceleration phase, to recharge the batteries and extend its range. 

Aimed in priority at racing schools which wishes to offer more environmentally friendly courses, NOAO also serves as a prototype to improve further the performance of this type of vehicle and, in the near future, to offer new track car solutions. 

A technological showcase of the unique expertise of the PPNMC companies, NOAO is the first electric track vehicle with range extender born out of a willingness to work together for the future of motor racing and to steer the future of the sector with respect for the environment.