• United Kingdom

The brainchild of former McLaren Chief Designer Steve Nichols who led the technical team responsible for the McLaren MP4/4, the most successful F1 car of all time, the NICHOLS N1A is a celebration of his close ties with the Woking company, being a modern interpretation of the very first McLaren, the M1A.

Although obviously inspired by the M1A, the NICHOLS is a very different, thoroughly modern, proposition.

Visually it is much more aggressive, with a ground hugging nose, wide, powerful flanks and aerodynamics honed in the wind tunnel to produce positive, balanced, downforce front and rear.  The result is a fitting tribute to the M1A, but at the same time a shape which is thoroughly contemporary.

As is the technology under the skin.  The NICHOLS features a state-of-the-art aluminium and carbon fibre chassis with wishbone suspension all round, guaranteeing fabulous handling. 

An obvious feature the N1A shares with the original is a large capacity American V8.  With a choice of power outputs ranging from 450 to 650 bhp and a target weight including fluids of under 900 kilos, performance is guaranteed to be spectacular.

Whilst it’s probably best to use a racetrack to unleash its full potential, the NICHOLS N1A has been designed with road use very much in mind, weather permitting!