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A Hunter convertible (a kit car that has been called the Cabrio since 1991), based on the Ford Sierra, Granada, or Scorpio, and with the body styled after the Alfa Romeo of the 1930s, was launched in 1979 by the Marlin company. 

The Hunter Long Door version made its debut in 1997, and the Hunter Sports with a BMW 2.5-liter plant – in 2000.

The Sportster roadster appeared in 1996, made based on the BMW E30 (1983-92) / E36 (1992-99) with an aluminum body.

The Makaira roadster, styled in the fashion of the 1930s and equipped with a Rover V8 was introduced in 2002. The 5EXi roadster, available with Rover engines, made its debut at the 2003 Stoneleigh Motor Show. The 5EXi-R version, featuring a turbocharged 2.0-liter 240-280hp Honda engine and Rover mechanisms, was launched in 2004.