• United Kingdom

Marcos Engineering was a British sports car manufacturer. The name derives from the surnames of founders Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. They built their first kit car, Marcos, in 1959. Series production of the Marcos 1800 was launched in 1963. The company went bankrupt in 1972, but the famous Mini Marcos model was manufactured by Jem Marsh till 1975. The Marcos Cars company, reactivated in 1981, went bankrupt again in 2001. The newly established Marcos Engineering offered from July 2002 till 2005 the Marcasite TS 250 convertibles, and the Marcasite TS 500 version from May 2003 till 2005. Two new roadsters: the TSO and the TSO R/T debuted at the 2004 Birmingham Motor Show. Another two new coupe versions: the TSO GT and the TSO GT2, based on the previous models, were introduced in March 2005. Marcos company went defunct again in 2007.