• France

At just 23, Jérémy Lemercier, a native of southern France, presented his third Supercar concept at the Paris Motor Show 2014. This Lemercier Revolution boosts the imagination with a vision that inspires a revival. An original answer with a French touch of style and elegance in a world where all cars are alike: Aggressive lines, accentuated by frank and bold curves.

Jérémy LEMERCIER has always been passionate about cars and designs ever since he could hold a pencil.

The extraordinary motivation that drives this young man is drawn from school challenging memories. Like the dunce in class who kept drawing in the back row for hours, Jérémy LEMERCIER spent hours imagining cars.

At 18, he started his own company to develop its own car brand who today bears his name.

When drawing, Jeremy creates everything. Facing his white sheet and pencil, he always tries to abstract from the influence of existing dream cars to make sure he focuses on staying original.

Just like Pininfarina before him, the determined self-taught young man, who was refused access to one of the top European Design School, Jérémy LEMERCIER regrets that France has more prestige Supercar manufacturer and has worked tirelessly to all of his concepts, well decide to impose his "French Touch ".