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Initially named Barabus, Keating Supercars was a low-volume kit car manufacturer based in Bolton, England. They made their debut in July 2006 with the launch of the TKR. They built four cars since its launch, the SKR, TKR, ZKR, and the Bolt. At the racing car show, Autosport International 2016, Keating Supercars unveiled a road version of the Bolt to be sold in the US. Anthony Keating is the founder and CEO of Keating Supercars and designer of the Keating SKR, TKR, and ZKR. Keating was born in Manchester, UK, and took a course at the Automobile Engineering Institute at the University of Bolton, UK. Keating graduated with an MBA in Business in 2012 and, together with students from the University of Bolton, hoped to build and make the Keating Bolt, the world's fastest production car, reaching more than 300 miles per hour. Keating Supercars intended to sell around 30 cars a year.

The Berus was unveiled in April 2017. Taking its name from the venomous snake Vipera berus, with a host of impressive features, the Berus came in two versions. There was also the Electric Berus available with 201 to 402 hp (150 to 300 kW) and 1,054 lb-ft (1,429 N⋅m) of torque. A physical example of the Berus was silently unveiled in 2018, however, the company was liquidated on May, 31 2021.