• Czech Republic

The Kaipan company was established in 1991 and one year later they released a new prototype of the Lotus Seven replica, which has been equipped with a Ford engine. Having constructed the second prototype the small production of the Kaipan 47 model was initiated in 1998. The aforementioned model was commercially available until 2005. In 2002 the offer was supplemented with 57 equipped with an Audi turbo 1.8l 150hp engine. In 2006 the original design model Kaipan 14 was also released. The vehicle is equipped with a Skoda 1.3l 54-68hp engine. The car's maximum is 140 km/h. In August 2008 the Kaipan 15 version equipped with a Skoda 1.4l 60hp engine was presented. The vehicle is also offered as a kit car. In December 2011 zero-emission Kaipan 16 electric roadster was introduced at the Brno Motor Show and in 2016 Kaipan Baby model followed. Since 2015 only 15, 16 (powered by Skoda 1.2l engine) and 57a models are available.