• Slovakia

The firm, established in 1989, has been producing interesting sports vehicles since 1993. The Evoluzione coupe was offered by this company in 1999–2002, and in the years 2002–2004 – the Evoluzione II Edition coupe. The Attack was officially launched in May 2002, but was in development since 1999. The car was originally made for racing, developed by Engineer Dick Kvetnansky and designed by Juraj Mitra and was completed in 2000. The car was built initially as a race car, upon seeing the demand as a road car the car was made available as a kit car using the 90-93 Honda Accord as the donor car. Small modifications could be made to accommodate the H22 engine from the Honda Prelude as well.

The K-1 Attack Roadster 3.0 Vk production ended in 2009. Czeck company B-Racing re-introduced the K-1 Roadster in 2011.