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  • Liechtenstein

The first project of a small Xavier Jehle studio was an MX Safari lesure vehicle styled after Citroen Mehari. This model was based on Citroen 2CV/Dyane. Jehle also was known as a tuner of De Tomaso Pantera. The Jehle Saphier was a crazy wedge-shaped car with large canopy doors. It was a three-seater model. The base was VW Beetle and the power came from a Golf 1.5-liter engine. More powerful versions with 2.0-liter 200hp and Ford V8 500hp engines were also offered. The craziest Jehle model, undoubtedly, was the Artemis supercar released in 1991. It had a 6.5-liter V12 engine that could deliver power from 500hp to 1000hp. Imaginable top speed was claimed to be approx. 400 km/h. It is not confirmed if any fully working Artemis was ever made.