• United Arab Emirates

Anthony Jannarelly is a car designer who styled the supercars for W Motors, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport. He also designed the upgraded off-road Zarooq Sand Racer, for which he joined forces with Frederic Juillot, car lover, custom boat manufacturer and expert in composite materials. In 2015, they partnered to create the new brand Jannarelly focused on automotive emotions.

The Jannarelly Design-1 is the first vehicle produced by the French-Emirati automaker Jannarelly since 2016. The Design-1 is a roadster with central rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. It is built in Dubai by the French manufacturer Jannarelly and its production is limited to 499 copies.

The Design-1 rests on a tubular steel and aluminum chassis, covered with a carbon fiber and/or fiberglass body. The Jannarelly Design-1 can receive a removable hard carbon roof (painted or visible carbon) to transform the roadster into a coupe.