• Luxembourg

Sevic Systems is a pioneering company that specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing compact fully electric utility vehicles in Europe. With a focus on creating innovative solutions for last mile transportation, Sevic Systems helps companies reduce maintenance, labor, and operating costs through their cutting-edge vehicles. Strategically located in the industrial heart of Germany, Sevic Systems has gained valuable experience from their success stories in the mobility sector.

What sets Sevic Systems apart is their commitment to creating adaptive, flexible, and cost-effective vehicles. Their smart vehicle architecture allows for interchangeable cargo structures, making their vehicles highly versatile and adaptable to different business needs. Moreover, Sevic Systems places a strong emphasis on digital connectivity, integrating advanced technology to enable seamless communication and monitoring of their vehicles.

With their innovative approach to electric utility vehicles and a strong presence in Europe, Sevic Systems is a leader in the industry, providing efficient and sustainable solutions for last mile transportation.