Ikeya Formula


Ikeya Formula

  • Japan

The Tokyo Motorshow of 2017 witnessed the emergence of a remarkable creation by gearbox specialist Ikeya Formula, which took the form of a road-legal concept car with the intriguing name IF-02RDS.

This innovative concept vehicle is driven by a potent 2-liter Honda engine, which has been turbocharged to generate approximately 350 horsepower. It is expertly mated to the company's proprietary 'seamless shift' 5-speed sequential gearbox. While precise performance statistics are unavailable, the car's weight of just over 1150 kilograms suggests that it is poised for rapid acceleration.

The IF-02RDS boasts an aggressive and striking exterior design, reminiscent of the Ultima race car, featuring cooling slats, a roof scoop, and an imposing rear wing. Its aesthetics are primarily suited for the racetrack, making it more of a track day enthusiast's delight than a practical choice for public roads. Nevertheless, the car's visual appeal is undeniably stunning.

Inside the vehicle, the cabin is characterized by a functional sparseness. Despite its simplicity, it incorporates a cutting-edge digital instrument display, adding a touch of modern technology to the driving experience.

Notably, the IF-02RDS is homologated for use on Japanese roads, suggesting a degree of road-worthiness. However, it is disappointing to note that, as of the available information, there has been no indication of a full-scale production version of this captivating concept car.