• China

ICONIQ MOTORS was founded in early 2016, by a Chinese entrepreneur, Alan Wu, to develop all-electric, passenger-focused vehicles with supercar styling. Based in China, the world’s most advanced electric vehicle market, ICONIQ has offices in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Beijing. The brand name, ICONIQ, is derived from the company’s vision to create an automotive ICON with the highest levels of technological IQ — stylish vehicles that are smart and connected. The company has a leadership team of international industry experts who have previously worked for many years on some of the most established and successful automotive brands. ICONIQ collaborates with the world’s leading engineering and technology brands and has established strategic partnerships with W Motors, Microsoft Corporation, and AKKA Technologies.

ICONIQ MOTORS and Dubai-based supercar brand, W Motors, have a strategic alliance – the bridge between the Middle East and China gives the two companies their own ‘Silk Road’ and provides significant strategic advantages. ICONIQ MOTORS and W Motors opened a joint flagship store in Dubai in November 2017. It’s the first physical location where customers can interact with both brands' cars.

ICONIQ’s first car, Model SEVEN, debuted at Shanghai Auto Show in April 2017 and was presented in Europe, for the first time, at Geneva Motor Show in March 2018. Manufacturing will initially be based in China and ICONIQ vehicles will be sold in China, the Middle East, the US and Europe.