Huet Brothers / HB


Huet Brothers / HB

  • Netherlands

Paul and Tino were both born in the Netherlands. After a relatively international education, having also gone to school in Singapore and the UK, Paul completed a study as civil aviator and Tino studied business management.
In 1998 they founded the Classic Drivers Club, a club for members who were not in the posession of a classic car, having grown up amongst classic Alfa Romeo's and Bugatti's.

In 2000 this grew into Classic Rally Events where the classic cars were put to good use offering tailormade company events.

In 2003 the idea was born for a simple and affordable barchetta styled car, with the looks of a fifties racer but with the more reliable and readilly available technique of the early seventies. The HB Special is the result, and it made it's first public appearance on the RAI motorshow of 2007.

In 2010 the Huet Brothers started to look at the possibilities of a HB Coupe. In 2012 the Huet Brothers launched the first drawings of the HB Coupe and the HB Coupe RR. To finance the projects Paul and Tino introduced a small, limited and thus exclusive line of watches, the HB watch series.