• France

Heuliez was a French company that worked as a production and design unit for various automakers. It specialized in producing short series for niche markets, such as convertibles or station-wagons.

Heuliez was created in 1920 by Adolphe Heuliez, who started by making horse-drawn carts. As early as 1925, he assembled his first car, a Peugeot 177B. He also created a subsidiary company for the production of buses, which was later sold in 1980 and trades as Heuliez Bus.

Toward the end, however, the main product of Heuliez was the retractable roof made for the Peugeot 206 CC, with 350,000 units being produced.

In 2010, Heuliez went out of the convertible rooftop-making business, and the electric vehicle elements were acquired by the Franco-German group Baelen Gaillard Industrie-ConEnergy-Kohl and were renamed Mia electric which itself ceased business in 2014.

The Heuliez business activity ended on 31 October 2013.