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HAI E3: Austria’s contribution to future mobility

In the midst of the race between renowned car manufacturers to produce the engine of the future, the Upper Austrian tool and mold manufacturing company Haidlmair reveals their latest innovation: The electric HAI E3 car with wheel hub motor. 

How will we travel from A to B in the future, in as much comfort as possible, yet at the same time conserve resources? There is no single answer to this question. With the presentation of the HAI E3, an Austrian company, which numbers renowned car manufacturers amongst its customers in the areas of tools and molds, has become part of this process. With the recently presented 2-seater car, Haidlmair GmbH is counting on a particularly special electric engine: The wheel hub motor, which powers the rear wheels of the HAI E3.

Top speed of 130 km/h

Haidlmair and their project partners have created a vehicle under project motto of “Efficiency + Emotion + Energy awareness”. With 2 x 60 kW actual power output from 3-phase permanent magnet motors, a top speed of about 130 km/h, a range of approximately 150 kilometres and charging times of between one (80 %) and eight hours for the lithium polymer batteries, the HAI E3 represents an emission-free transport alternative for short distances. According to the founder of the company, Josef Haidlmair, “we were motivated to undertake such a challenging project by the realisation of the diverse technical potential of electric drives and the resulting possibilities of their usage in car manufacture”.

Full Emotion - Zero Emissions

The HAI E3 is based on a modern light-weight chassis in aluminium composite construction, the whole layout of which gives the 2-seater compact interior and exterior dimensions. The appearance is oriented towards an accentuated exterior surface design with emphasis on the wheels, in keeping with the modern sporty design trend. “Full emotion – zero emissions” is the motto the team has chosen. Technically speaking, the wheel hub motor and the light-weight materials are the most striking aspects of the HAI E3. Both rear wheels are powered separately, enabling ABS, ESP and ASR to be integrated into the safety concept particularly well, together with perfectly designed recuperation and electric brake support.

What does HAI mean?

Josef Haidlmair explains why Haidlmair GmbH, a tool- and mold-making company, chose to present established car manufacturers with their alternative mobility concept: “For my team and project partners, it became important not to merely discuss methods of future mobility and their requirements, but to realise an active mobile contribution and to present it. Moreover as tool and mold manufacturers, we are used to being at the forefront of product development. The acronym HAI stands for “Haidlmair’s Automotive Initiatives”. It arose from the first syllable of the company name, although the emotional potential of this description, as well as the analogy between the predatory shark (Hai in German means shark) and the dynamic streamlining of the vehicle are also desirable.

Engine & performance:

Type: 2 units 3-phase permanent magnetic motor in each of the rear wheel rims. Lithium polymer batteries, no transmission gear, rear drive.

Power: 60 kW nom (120 kW peak at 1100 rpm)
Torque: 520 (1040 peak) Nm/0/min
Top speed: 130 km/h


Length: 3810 mm
Width: 1724 mm
Height: 1133 mm
Wheelbase: 2330 mm