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The GRACER -OMNI is a prototype based on Chevrolet's Vega hatchback. It was designed and constructed by Herbert Gracer, architect-product designer.

Being a practical man, Herb Gracer has never owned a sports car! He wanted one that would convert to accommodate additional passengers and luggage. Confident that roost auto buyers echoed his sentiments, he set about designing the GRACER-OMNI.

In the interest of arriving at an all-american product which would be economical to run. the Chevy Vega with its fold-down rear seat was selected as a basis.    General Motor's thoroughly modern approaches toward making the Vega an ecological automobile made this choice all the more interesting. In this prototype, the stock chassis, cowling, dash, and seating remain intact.

The exterior envelope permits the owner to easily transform the car into any one of four types:   GT sunroof coupe, convertible, station wagon, or pickup. How is this made possible? Two panels are built into the fastback roofline.    They are the tinted plexiglass sunroof which is removable, and the FLIPTOP which covers the entire rear seating and loading area. Inverting of the FLIPTOP alters the body silhouette from coupe to station wagon. The rear seat can then be opened for additional passengers or the increased volume used for loading. A pickup is created by complete removal of the fliptop. Removal of both panels opens the entire roof, and we have a convertible. Passengers are protected by heavy buttress longitudinal rollbars in all versions.

Herbert Gracer's professional career began in 1955 as an independent New York architect which he soon expanded to include product design. His recently established prototype shop has given us the GRACER-OMNI.