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Gisser Automotive Concepts, Inc., (GAC) was incorporated In New York in May 1997 by the Company's Founder/CEO, Mr. Daryl K. Gisser. After evaluating the trends in the automotive markets, he identified the dramatic upturn in sales and market demand across the entire spectrum of the Luxury Automobile Market that began in 1997. Mr. Gisser recognized a window of opportunity and combined his academic background of degrees in Engineering and Design from Syracuse University with his auto related experience. He analyzed the recent automotive market expansion and has since committed all of his funds and resources towards turning Gisser Automotive Concepts, Inc. into a reality by designing and developing a superexotic sports coupe, the MEC4, and marketing it to a highly profitable market niche.

The MEC4 superexotic sports coupe made its world debut at the North American International Automobile Show in Detroit and at the New York Auto Show in the Javits Center. Additionally, GAC has established preliminary marketing and sales programs for the general public and dealerships and has executed advertising materials including a full color brochure and website, Management has also engaged the services of legal, accounting, securities, design firms and others, as were needed to further the Company's goals.

A hand-laid fiberglass reinforced plastic body, was employed due to its versatility and conformity in the complex and compound curves which comprise the unique style of the MEC4. A total of ninety meticulously fabricated molds are required to create the thirty-five curvaceous body panels. This painstaking process insures design conformity, body symmetry and also reduces costs to replace damaged panels due to collision. The virtually seamless taut skin alludes to supersonic aviation tolerances even before the ultra high gloss premium show-car finish, in 2-part PPG urethane paint, clear-coat and hardener process, is applied.

The result is a bold and fresh design that gives the MEC4 a unique identity. Even while standing still, the MEC4's sleek profile alludes to its attributes of power, motion and speed.