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The GDT Speedster is an exciting, one-of-a-kind, high performance sports car designed and fabricated by a team of automotive professionals. It has been hand crafted and is intended for sale to a discriminating collector who appreciates beautiful automotive styling, excellent engineering and fine craftsmanship.

The GDT Speedster was designed and built by a team of experienced automotive engineers, stylists and a body-surfacing expert who love cars and who wanted to do a complete vehicle from scratch without the bureaucratic encumbrances of a large corporation. The project was initiated as an exercise in engineering and styling with “no holds barred”. It was also considered to be an engineering challenge because many projects like this one are started and very few are completed. In addition, the project was intended to be completed at a “reasonable” cost when compared to OEM produced one off show cars.

The team selected the vehicle’s name, GDT Speedster. It stands for Gene Dickirson Team Speedster. A speedster is the type of vehicle that typically has no top, no side windows and a raked back windshield intended for fun driving in good weather.

The engine, transmission, differential, front and rear suspension, steering and brakes are from a Chevrolet Corvette.

The GDT Speedster was auctioned in 2006.