Gardner Douglas

  • United Kingdom

Since 1990, the firm has been producing an AC Cobra replica as the GD 427 kit car or a ready-built vehicle with a Rover, Chevrolet or Ford engines. Since 1998, the GD 427 has been offered with a Hard Top. The original, streamlined GT coupe also debuted in 1998, followed by the 2000 MSE station wagon based on the GT. Their production is to start in 2006. The 1960s Lola T70 Spyder replica, with a 5.7-liter 405-500 hp V8 Chevrolet unit or a 6.0-liter 600 hp V8 plant, was released in 2000. Other cars in the model range include include T70 Moda and 350. The Moda is similar to the T70 Spyder but comes with better weather protection in the form of a modular roof system. It's available as a factory built car or in component form for self-assembly. The 350 has the standard GD backbone chassis with a body shape loosely based on the AC Cobra. The car is limited to 50 units and is sold as a limited edition.