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In June 1896, Henry Ford presented his first Quadricycle car, and in 1899 – Quadricycle II. In the years 1899-1901, he constructed several Detroit cars at the Detroit Automobile Company. After leaving the company, Henry Ford constructed the Quadricycle III (in 1901) and the Race Car, and in 1902 the racing cars: the Arrow and the 999. In the meantime, he constructed the Runabout prototype for the Henry Ford Company, existing from September 1901 to March 1902. In August 1902, he established the Ford & Malcomson Co. which, since June 1903, has been named the Ford Motor Company. In July 1903, the company started production of the first Ford – the Model A. In the years 1908-27, the famous Model T was produced (15,458,781 vehicles!), which motorized the United States. In October 1911, Ford started the assembly of the T at the first foreign plant – apart from Canada in Great Britain. In February 1922, Ford bought the Lincoln company, and in October 1938 he created the Mercury make. From October 1955 to 1958, Ford produced cars under the Continental make, and from August 1957 to November 1959 – under the Edsel make.