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  • Italy

Ferrari is one of the most famous and exclusive sport car manufacturers, producing the best and most valued sport vehicles in the world. The company Societa Anonima Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari was established in 1938 by Enzo Ferrari – the famous race driver and car designer. It launched its first two prototype racecars named 815 in 1940 (the name Ferrari could not been used due to an agreement with Alfa Romeo). In 1946 the company changed its name to Auto Costruzione Ferrari and made its first four Ferrari spiders 125 / 159S / 166 a year later. The first coupe 166 sport appeared in the year 1948. In 1966 about 50% of the firm’s stock were bought by Fiat, whose share increased to 87% in 1988, and to 90% in 2001.