• Japan

Minoru Hayashi was active in motorsport since 1965 when he built his first racing car, a modified Honda S600 coupe. In 1975 Hayashi, established Dome to build production cars in small numbers. Three years later, in 1978, the company presented an extravagant coupe - the Dome Zero powered by a Nissan 2.8-liter engine. It was created by Minoru and Shoichi Hayashi, Akihiro Irimagi, and Kenji Mimura. The team unveiled the project at the Geneva Motor Show. The car was built around a steel monocoque chassis and had an all-independent suspension by coil and wishbones. It was a huge challenge for Dome to build such a low car. The Zero measure only 38.5 inches (0.98 m)! Later the company developed a production version named P2 which they demonstrated in the USA at Chicago and Los Angeles motor shows. Unfortunately, both the Zero and P2 remained only in prototype form. However, in 1989 Dome engineered Jiotto Caspita supercar which was unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show.

Currently, Dome is still active in motorsport as well as production of carbon composite materials development and manufacture.