• France

The presentation at a public international motor show such as that at Geneva, of an original vehicle, entirely designed and produced by Chausson Automotive Engineering, in the form of a complete prototype with all its trim and mechanical components, is a first from Chausson.

The intention with this product - not far removed from the anglo-saxon concept of a "show car" - is to tangibly prove its ability to design, develop and industrialize a new model.

This demonstration results from a double determination:

- to clearly illustrate Chausson's innovative capabilities: this new vehicle is the proof of its creative potential and its ability to fulfill an even greater role in leadership of projects on behalf of European car manufacturers.

- to confirm its technical credibility: P.E.R.L.E. is neither a "dream car" nor an excercise in style: it is a techically viable vehicle, suitable for production on an industrial scale wich, if attracts a manufacturer's eye sufficiently keenly, may one day be seen on the road.

Length: 4150 mm
Width: 1750 mm
Height: 1550 mm
Wheelbase: 2545 mm