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Bollinger Motors is an American automobile manufacturer of electric vehicles based in Oak Park, Michigan.

The automotive company Bollinger Motors was founded in upstate Hobart, New York in 2014 by its namesake, American entrepreneur Robert Bollinger. The aim was to develop a full-size electric off-road vehicle.

The first result of the work of Bollinger's designers was a prototype of a three-door car called the B1, which was presented in June 2017. The car has a characteristic, austere design distinguished by an angular body covered with matte varnish and the possibility of disassembling the rear part of the roof. The market launch of the model was then scheduled for 2019. By August 2017, the manufacturer managed to collect 6,000 orders for the Bollinger B1.

In March 2018, Bollinger decided to move its headquarters from New York City to Ferndale, Michigan. Two years after the presentation of the B1 prototype, in September, Bollinger presented its first two cars ready for production - the production variant of the B1 model underwent cosmetic changes in the exterior and became longer with an additional rear door and a large 4-door B2 pickup.

In April 2020, Bollinger announced that serial production and sales of both B1 and B2 models would start in 2021. In August 2020, the company headquarters moved from Ferndale to Oak Park, Michigan.

In mid-January 2022, the company announced a major shift in direction, postponing consumer model development in favor of a commercial vehicle platform, saying it would refund B1 and B2 deposits. Bollinger will offer its scalable rear-drive skateboard battery platform for medium-duty Class 3-6 trucks to other companies, which will use the platform as the basis for their tow trucks, trash trucks, buses and other commercial EVs. The company is looking for a manufacturing partner for the DELIVER-E van concept it previewed in Aug. 2020