• Germany

BMW cars are globally thought one of the most luxurious and renowned vehicles that compete with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Established in 1917, the Bayerische Motoren Werke company initially constructed only airplane engines, in 1923 joined by motorcycles. In October 1928, the BMW bought the Dixi company, producing Wartburg cars as early as in the years 1898-1904, and in the years 1904–1929 – Dixi cars. Since December 1927, the Dixi company has offered, among others, licensed Austin Seven cars, on whose basis, in 1929, the first BMW models were constructed: the 3/15 DA1 and the 3/15 DA2. In the years 1946-51, BMW cars were produced in East Germany (further on as the EMW), while in West Germany the new 502 model was shown in April 1951 and produced from November 1952. The BMW concern took over the following companies: Veritas (1953), AFM (1954), Glas (1966), Mini (1994) and Rolls-Royce (2003).