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Art & Tech

  • Italy, Japan

Art & Tech was a Japanese design studio established in Kyoto, Japan by Ryoji Yamazaki in 1989. One year later he opened a subsidiary in Turin, Italy. At the Geneva Motor Show 1991, Art & Tech Sogna was introduced. It was a Lamborghini Countach-based supercar prototype that was intended for small and exclusive production. At Turin Motor Shoe 1992 the company presented the Vera model. It was a very exotic coupe intended for a Porsche 928 S V8 engine. However, it was only a 1:1 static mock-up. which is currently on display in a French museum. The company soon ended its supercar adventure in ~1993. Interestingly, the Sogna model showed up for sale in 2013 for an astronomical price of €2,380,000. The actual production figures of the Sogna are not known. However, there's one fully functioning car and probably one or several* non-working 1:1 mock-ups.

*Some photos show the Sogna in blue, black (dark blue?), and even red colors.

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