• Germany, Hong Kong

The Gumpert company went bankrupt in 2013 and was later revived by the new Apollo company in 2016. At the Geneva Motorshow of the same year, Apollo N and Apollo Arrow prototypes were shown. The car was developed further into the limited-edition Apollo Intenza Emozione (a.k.a. Apollo IE) production model. Only 10 examples were made each costing at least €2,300,000. The car was developed both in Germany in Italy together with HWA and MAT (Manifattura Automobili Torino) companies.

Both the Apollo Arrow and Apollo IE were designed by Jowyn Wong of Wyn Design who also created De Tomaso P72.

In 2021 Apollo company revealed two electric concept cars EVision S and EVision X as well as an ultra-extreme Project EVO prototype which will be a successor to the Intensa Emozione.