• Slovakia

The AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobil is a prototype roadable aircraft, designed by Štefan Klein and first flown in 2013. The aircraft will be produced by Slovak company AeroMobil s.r.o.

The prototype was conceived as a vehicle that can be converted from an automobile to an aircraft. The version 2.5 proof-of-concept took 20 years to develop, and first flew in 2013. The prototype was constructed by the AeroMobil Team, based in Bratislava, Slovakia and led by co-founders Štefan Klein and Juraj Vaculík, advised by inventor Dean Kamen.

On 20 April 2017, AeroMobil s.r.o. unveiled the production model of the vehicle at Top Marques Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and announced that it would begin to take preorders for a "limited first edition" of it before the end of 2017. The first edition was to consist of no more than 500 vehicles, and the first 25 ordered were planned as a "Founders Edition" with "series-specific product content along with an expanded benefits package" with "details to be announced separately."