• Germany

Adler was a German car company that was founded in 1900 by Heinrich Kleyer. The company was based in Frankfurt and became known for producing high-quality, reliable cars that were well-regarded for their engineering and performance.

Adler cars were designed to be both stylish and practical, with a focus on delivering a comfortable and refined driving experience. The company's lineup included a range of cars and commercial vehicles, including sedans, coupes, and convertibles.

One of Adler's most significant contributions to automotive history was the development of the first front-wheel-drive car, the Adler Trumpf. This revolutionary design allowed for improved handling and traction, and was later adopted by other automakers around the world.

Despite its early success, Adler struggled to compete with larger automakers and eventually ceased production in the mid-1950s. However, the company's legacy lives on, with many Adler cars still on the road today and a significant following among classic car enthusiasts.

Overall, Adler was a company that was known for its innovation and dedication to quality engineering. Its cars were designed to be both functional and stylish, and many of its innovations and design elements have had a lasting impact on the automotive industry.