Wiesmann returns with all-electric Thunderball model

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Wiesmann returns from oblivion! The company has just revealed its brand new revival model Thunderball which signifies a new beginning for this boutique manufacturer from Dulmen, Germany.

The new car not only features a new design but also is powered by an electric powertrain. Rear-mid-mounted twin motors deliver 500kW (680hp) to the rear wheels and enable the car to do a 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. This ensures a lot of thrilling moments during each driven kilometer of the 500km target range.

The hand-built Thunderball is available as an open-top coachbuilt supercar tailor-made to the client’s specifications. The new Wiesmann is built around an aluminum spaceframe and its bodywork is created using carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum. The car resembles older generation models but also brings new and very brave design language which well matches current trends of sportscar styling.

Seeing Wiesmann car in person is a rare but exciting opportunity. Each car of this brand is special and unique. The Thunderball will be no exception. Dedicated to driving enthusiasts and collectors of exotic automobiles, the electric Wiesmann will be made in small numbers and the order book is now open.