KALMAR RS-6: Water-Cooled 911 Adventure Machine for Any Terrain

KALMAR RS-6: Water-Cooled 911 Adventure Machine for Any Terrain

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In a bold move that challenges traditional perceptions of sports cars, KALMAR Automotive has introduced the RS-6, the first water-cooled model in its 'Adventure Range' of rugged 911s. Inspired by the success of their air-cooled counterparts, the RS-6 offers enthusiasts a chance to experience the thrill of expeditionary driving in the iconic Porsche 911 at a more accessible price point. Let's delve into the details of this adventurous addition to the KALMAR lineup.

Debuting at the KALMAR Spirit of Speed event at the Arctic Circle, the RS-6 marks a new era for the Adventure Range. Based on the 996-generation Porsche 911, the RS-6 offers a lower-cost entry into the world of overland exploration while maintaining the practicality and driving dynamics that KALMAR is known for.

Equipped with power options ranging from 300 to 500bhp and featuring inverted shock absorbers providing a ground clearance of 21cm, the RS-6 is built to tackle all terrains with ease. Its inaugural appearance at the Spirit of Speed event showcased its capabilities in extreme conditions, including frozen lakes and sub-zero temperatures as low as -35°C.

The RS-6 is a bespoke creation, limited only by the imagination of its owner. Powered by the original Mezger water-cooled Porsche flat-six engine, customers can choose from various configurations, including left- or right-hand drive and manual or Tiptronic gearbox options. The conversion starts with a minimum power output of 300bhp, with options to increase it beyond 500bhp.

To ensure the RS-6 is ready for any adventure, it boasts a unique suspension arrangement, 80mm higher ride height, and a total ground clearance of 210mm—equivalent to an E2 Porsche Cayenne. The lightweight design, featuring narrow 6x16” alloy wheels and all-terrain or spiked Michelin winter tires, contributes to its formidable off-road capabilities.

For those seeking an extra edge, KALMAR offers optional adaptive shock absorbers and hydraulic lift shock absorbers, allowing the RS-6 to transition from off-roader to low-slung sports car at the touch of a button. The exterior can be personalized with a bespoke livery in collaboration with the customer, ensuring each RS-6 is a unique expression of style and functionality.

The RS-6's design alterations go beyond aesthetics, providing functional enhancements. Complete underbody protection, additional shielding for front-mounted water-cooled systems, and a sturdy cross towbar that doubles as a towing point are all part of the standard package.

Inside, the RS-6 maintains a balance of distinctiveness and durability. Non-essential items are removed, making room for purposeful upgrades. Recaro sports or race bucket seats, rear roll cage, and optional competition-specific equipment cater to both safety and individual preferences.

Jan Kalmar, founder and owner of KALMAR Automotive, emphasized the RS-6's ability to challenge perceptions of where a 911 can go. With a starting price of EUR 45,000 plus taxes and donor car, the RS-6 opens up the world of adventure driving in a Porsche to a broader audience. For more information, visit www.kalmarautomotive.com and embark on a journey where style meets functionality in the rugged terrain.