Hispano Suiza Announces the Sagrera: A Tribute to History and a Leap into the Future

Hispano Suiza Announces the Sagrera: A Tribute to History and a Leap into the Future

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In a move that echoes both history and innovation, Hispano Suiza, the iconic Spanish automotive brand, has revealed the name of its upcoming hypercar: Sagrera. This announcement is not just a glimpse into the future of luxury electric vehicles but also a homage to one of the most pivotal Hispano Suiza factories of the 20th century. The Sagrera is set to debut in 2024, coinciding with the brand's remarkable 120th-anniversary milestone.

Founded in 1904, Hispano Suiza has a rich legacy in the automotive industry, marked by the production of over 12,000 high-performance luxury cars and 50,000 aircraft engines between 1904 and 1946. As the brand approaches its 120th anniversary, the unveiling of the Sagrera pays tribute to a significant chapter in its history. In 1911, Hispano Suiza relocated to the 'La Sagrera' district in Barcelona, establishing a sprawling factory that played a pivotal role in the company's growth. Now, with the Sagrera hypercar, the brand aims to carry the name of this historic district around the globe.

Miguel Suqué Mateu, the current president of Hispano Suiza and great-grandson of the founder, emphasizes the importance of La Sagrera in the brand's history. He states, "La Sagrera played an important role in the history of Hispano Suiza, contributing significantly to our growth as a company. Now, coinciding with our 120th anniversary, the time has come for us to pay tribute to La Sagrera."

The Sagrera hypercar represents the pinnacle of Hispano Suiza's evolution into a manufacturer of fully electric hypercars. Technical details reveal that the Sagrera will feature the new 103kW battery, previously tested on the Carmen Boulogne. This marks a significant leap in terms of aerodynamics, promising a thrilling combination of performance, sportiness, and a passion for luxury.

Sergio Martínez Campos, CEO of Hispano Suiza, describes the Sagrera as the result of continuous evolution from the Carmen and the Carmen Boulogne. He hints at the Sagrera setting the foundation for the brand's design direction in the years to come. While keeping some details under wraps, Campos assures that the Sagrera is designed to fulfill the desires of their clients who sought a unique and exceptional vehicle.

As Hispano Suiza approaches its 120th anniversary, the brand's commitment to innovation and legacy preservation is evident. The great-grandson of the founder, Miguel Suqué Mateu, is leading the charge, providing momentum and dynamism while maintaining a clear vision for the future of the company.

With the Sagrera, Hispano Suiza not only pays homage to its historical roots but also propels itself into a future where electric hypercars redefine the boundaries of performance, luxury, and uniqueness. As the brand celebrates 120 years of automotive excellence, the Sagrera stands as a testament to Hispano Suiza's enduring commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the pursuit of automotive perfection.