Hello and welcome to CARTEFACTS - home of automobilia passion!


Hello and welcome to CARTEFACTS - home of automobilia passion!

We are car crazy. Without cars, life to us, perhaps, would have lost much of its glamour. We do not know, frankly speaking, whence comes the urge and what keeps the flame burning so intensely in us.

Our objective is to ignite the same passion inside of you.

We have launched our website to share information and knowledge of automobilia items - the #cartefacts - with like-minded enthusiasts, collectors, researchers, or simply car lovers.

Let us give you a quick walkthrough...

Main sections

Our website has these main sections:

-         Brands page

-         Blog

-         Motorshows page

-         Buy page

-         Advanced search page

On the Brands page, you can browse through plenty of automobile brands of the world. We will post hundreds of them, ranging from the very well-known ones to extremely obscure ones.

The Blog section provides you with the latest and most interesting news of the automotive world as well as stories or more detail of selected items from our archive. Mainly focusing on exotic car brands we will keep you informed on what is going on around.

Alongside the #cartefacts archive we also do research motorshows of the world. We will constantly update this section with galleries, information, and items. We will not only bring you information on the latest motorshows but also will take you back in time to the earliest motorshows in the motoring history! Watch this space.

On the advanced search page, you can perform research on our archive, blog posts, and motorshows. We are confident – there are surprises to find just by a few clicks.

On the Buy page, we will be posting items that we have for sale. Make sure to check this section and do not hesitate to contact us for questions and purchase requests.

In addition to the sections mentioned above, you can also browse through Authors and Publishers of car books. We have also added special sections dedicated to books and magazines. Again, you can search by much more different item types with our advanced search tool.

Special requests and services

We are looking forward to fulfilling the special requests of researchers, writers, and enthusiasts. Our portfolio includes but is not limited by:

- High-resolution scans of items. Data research, etc.

-         Consultancy on the history of rare and exotic cars, concept cars, supercars, hypercars, and kitcars.

-         Collaboration with book authors, private researchers, and social media stars.

-         Promotion of automotive items and literature on our website and social media.


Let’s connect and share the automobilia passion!

We encourage you to follow our content updates on social media. We can be reached both on

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Let’s be friends :)

Additionally, you can follow our newest blog posts and newest items through the RSS feed. Simply put https://cartefacts.com/rss to your reader (we highly recommend Feedly) and enjoy!

We wish you a great time on our website! Should you have any questions or suggestions please do contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.