Aston Martin Valour breaks cover [w/Video]

Aston Martin Valour breaks cover [w/Video]

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Aston Martin is celebrating its 110th anniversary with the introduction of Valour, a special edition front-engined sportscar that pays homage to the brand's rich history. Limited to just 110 units worldwide, Valour combines classic appeal with modern performance and is designed to provide an immersive driving experience.

Valour stands out as the only front-engined V12 sports car available with a manual transmission in 2023, making it a rarity in the automotive world. The car's design draws inspiration from Aston Martin's iconic V8 Vantage and the legendary 'Muncher' Le Mans racer from the 1970s and 1980s, incorporating cutting-edge materials and technology for a contemporary touch.

Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin's Executive Chairman, describes Valour as a modern icon that captures the excitement and exclusivity of the brand. With its bespoke six-speed manual transmission paired with a 5.2-liter Twin Turbo V12 engine, Valour delivers exceptional power and performance, solidifying its status as a driver's car.

The limited production run of Valour ensures its collectability and exclusivity. The car's specifications, including the 715PS/753Nm twin-turbocharged V12 engine and manual transmission, guarantee an engaging and unforgettable driving experience. Valour's powertrain calibration allows the driver to fully harness its immense power and torque, while a mechanical limited-slip differential and advanced traction and stability control systems provide optimal control and confidence.

To enhance its dynamic capabilities, Valour features a bespoke suspension system, adaptive dampers, and specially tuned driving modes. The car's body structure incorporates panels and bracing to maximize stiffness and improve body control, while a new steering system enhances the driver's connection to the road.

Valour's impressive hardware package includes Carbon Ceramic Brakes for superior stopping power and reduced weight, lightweight forged alloy wheels, and high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tires. These components contribute to the car's exceptional handling and road-holding abilities.

The exterior design of Valour combines Aston Martin's contemporary design language with cues from the iconic V8 Vantage. The carbon fiber bodywork is aerodynamically optimized, with a prominent front splitter, fender vents, and a rear diffuser that enhance stability and balance. The rear design features Valkyrie-inspired LED tail lights and a triple tailpipe exhaust system.

Inside the cockpit, Valour maintains a classic yet luxurious aesthetic. The manual transmission gear lever takes center stage, emphasizing the car's focus on driver engagement. The interior offers a range of materials and customization options, such as tweed seat coverings inspired by Aston Martin's Le Mans-winning DBR1 and carbon fiber elements throughout.

Valour production is set to begin in the third quarter of 2023, with deliveries starting in the fourth quarter. As a limited-edition model, Valour is expected to become a highly sought-after collector's item that embodies the spirit of Aston Martin's front-engined sports cars.